We're almost as lovely as the work we do.

Let’s face it, no one likes working with people they don’t like, so finding the right team for your business is probably up there with one of the most important things you do, wouldn’t you agree? At Paragon.Two we’re a pretty relaxed bunch with no big egos or bad attitudes.

We work together as a team, we collaborate, we share, we critique and we’ve got each other’s back. You’ll find us ALL easy to deal with, we will just get whatever you need done and done well. Why don't you come in, have a yarn and see for yourself?

Jo Tacon

She started it all / Head Honcho

At 14 years old a highly motivated Jo had her first job as a café dishwasher and she hasn't ever really slowed down since! The Taconator's most memorable travel experience was competing in the Kona Ironman World Champs in Hawaii. Partial to a bit of dark chocolate with mint and her triple shot latte fix, Jo is secretly rooting for Charlie Sheen to make a comeback one day. There are times when she worries she might not actually be as hilarious as she thinks she is.

021 39 80 87

Anton Evans


Anton has worked in the industry for around 18 years and is currently suffering from a terrible case of New Dad Humour. Some of his previous clients include Air NZ, Plumbing World, Camera House and Carter Holt Harvey. His happiest memory is the birth of his daughter and his most embarrassing moment was completing a swimming race after a false start. He thought the people were just cheering, but, in fact they were just yelling to stop.

021 577 585

Carren Richardson-Park

Marketing Director

Finding inspiration in music and nature Carren enjoys the eureka moment that comes with figuring out solutions for our clients. Exuding a zen-like sense of calm, Carren is a passionate treasure hunter and her ability to spend is infinite. She was once upon a time a rental car hostess before discovering marketing in her 20s and she has since spent many years in the advertising and marketing game. She is the proud mum of two surprisingly nice teenagers and has atrocious handwriting.

Kerri-Ann Graham


Having spent over 5 years in the industry Kerri-Ann believes her work strengths are problem solving and bringing out the best in people. Her hero is her Dad and she enjoys the odd singing outburst every now and then. She loves to critique, be it food, books, movies or music and would one day love to travel to New Orleans. She also enjoys drawing and is currently studying children's book illustration in her spare time. She feels that her best trait is keeping it real.

Lindsay Skilton


Lindsay comes to Paragon.Two with over 6 years experience in ad land and is also our resident pub quiz expert. She’s a keen cook and usually can't go a week without cooking up something spectacular. She is a bit of a fan of Nigella Lawson and she is currently teaching us yoga at lunchtimes (when we're not too busy). Lindsay lives in West Auckland with her husband, son and 8-toothed cat Loki but originally hails from Virginia and with her slight accent she has somehow acquired the nickname Canada.

021 183 5533

James Garman


James has spent over 12 years in the industry and has recently returned from London. He enjoys the variety his role brings and if he could choose to have dinner with anyone alive or dead he would probably chose the alive person as dead people freak him out a little bit. His favourite travel experience was sitting on a beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand, drinking beer and watching the Geminid meteor shower. Don't ever ask him anything about Microsoft Excel.

Kirsty Mackenzie

Managing Director – Sydney

Maccas as she is sometimes known, brings 16 years of industry experience to the table and has worked with notable clients such as Belkin, Masterfoods, NRMA, Vodafone, Centennial Parklands and Royal Botanic Gardens. Her proudest moment was successfully putting together an Ikea stool and she enjoys a good client lunch. Don’t ever ask her to cook but she can organise a great work-do at the drop of a hat. When not working she likes to wistfully imagine her life as a rock star.

We have some pretty good taste in music too!

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